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Keeping it 100

This is my 100th blog post. Crazy! When I first started in October of 2019, I did so reluctantly. I'm someone who sees personal blogs as a bit too self-indulgent. I don't think I have anything particularly revelatory to say or important to report on. I am an average person doing average things. I don't read blogs and I never thought I would write one. Yet, back in Fall of 2019, I felt God pushing me to start a blog. I resisted for awhile, but eventually decided to give in. I committed to writing one blog per week, for as long as I had to. Can you read the attitude between the lines?

Have you ever been reluctant to do something you feel God was requiring of you? It's a familiar scenario for me, I admit. Buying our first house, attending a church event I'd rather skip, joining a ministry I don't particularly feel drawn to, fasting, joining the choir when I'd rather stay home, writing this blog...the list is extensive. Each time I have started reluctantly and eventually settled into something that was good for me.

In my natural state I'm a homebody. I like being home, relaxing, reading a book or watching TV, spending time alone or with my family. If left to my own devices, my world would be pretty small. Time and again, God prompts and pushes me out of my comfort. He says I am to live larger than I would naturally choose to live. He says I am created to impact this world and take up space. Sometimes I need a shove in that direction.

I don't know about you, but doing something 100 times is a challenge. Sticking with something that doesn't seem to make much difference is a challenge. But after 2 years, I'm still at it. My readership is small, my written thoughts aren't groundbreaking, yet it stands as a marker of my covenant with God. It shows that I have been faithful to do what He's asked of me, the results of which are up to Him.

The Bible uses the word establish 123 times in the NIV translation. Time and again, God talks about establishing a covenant with His people, establishing a throne for David's descendants, establishing His heavenly throne etc. Reading verse after verse, I see a pattern. It's our job to obey, it's God's job to establish.

Maybe you've started something and are looking for ways to take it to the next level. Maybe you are wanting to establish yourself in your career, relationships or ministry. As in everything, the answers are found in connection with the Spirit of God. He knows the what, where, why and how. He knows what He's called you to, how to get there and when it's all going to make sense. Lean on Him. He is faithful to establish His will in your life. He can't help but keep it 100.

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1 Comment

Nov 23, 2021

Congratulations on 💯!! Have been blessed by every one. Keep up the inspirational messages..

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