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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or so the saying goes. Have you ever taken a good look at yourself and wondered what God sees in you? I'm not talking about surface things, although that (of course) counts. I'm talking about looking at your internal mess; your insecurities, your bad attitude or impatience, your short-temperedness or greed. Knowing God sees it all, what does he really think?

Psalm 139 details how the writer (David) was formed in his mother's womb, intricately woven into the person he is, with God intimately involved in his forming. When one thinks about David's exploits, his courage, his heart for God, his song writing, it all makes sense. Of course God created him for a purpose, just look at his life! But when one lines up David's failures of character, his infidelity and the small matter of ordering someone murdered, the storyline gets a bit messy.

If I'm honest, the full picture David makes me feel a bit better. In fact, all the messy and imperfect characters of the Bible help me hold my head up a bit straighter when approaching the throne of God. God uses imperfect people to do good things. He uses adulterers, gossips, liars and cheats. He uses the lowly and the rich, the stubborn and the meek.

Ephesians 2:10

For we are God’s masterpiece.

He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,

so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

The thing about being born again in Christ is that we are made new not just once, but continually. Each time we repent, the scoreboard is wiped clean. Each time we acknowledge our failures and sins, asking God to empower us to live differently, He is faithful to do just that.

Unlike a classical painting hanging on the wall of a museum, God is constantly adding new brushstrokes and layers to His perfectly imperfect design. We are a work-in-progress. We aren't meant to be static symbols of His artistry, rather living partners as He creates His kingdom here on earth. He planned good works for us to do, so we can partner with Him in creating MESSterpieces in our own lives.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2021

One of my favorite verses! God's beauty and artistry is all around. Open our eyes Lord; Open our hearts Lord!

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