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Ministering to Quaran(teens)

As foreigners in a developing country, we had to decide whether or not to evacuate when the US government provided a repatriation flight 2 weeks ago. We chose to stay. We are not in Belize for the scenery or the heat; we are here for the people. Belizeans are facing a situation unlike they ever have before and there's no telling when their borders will reopen to foreign citizens. Our place is here, with them.

A big question we had when the schools closed and social distancing became the norm was how we will continue to minister to teens and young adults. We had just started a weekly discipleship group for 20ish young people when everything changed. What effect would COVID 19 have on that group?

Knowing that not every family has WIFI here, or sophisticated devices, we were uncertain we could continue to meet. We were also very aware that we'd only just met these kids. Would they even be interested in meeting online, with everything else going on? We didn't know, but we figured we'd try and see what kind of response we'd get.

Well, two weeks in, we've been surprised and humbled by the teens' responsiveness in continuing to meet. There are still technical bugs to work out and it really isn't the same to meet "alone together," but they are consistent and engaged and we are grateful.

Personally I am blessed to see Eddie once again working with teens and sharing his passion for Jesus with them. We don't know how long this quarantine will last or what these kids' lives will be like afterward, but we are blessed to be connecting with them in the meantime, and we pray that the small seeds we are planting now will bear fruit in their lives down the road.

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