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Mother Nurture

The God of Christianity is often described as a Father. In fact, Jesus often referenced the Father as he spoke about who and Whose he was. There are many Biblical examples of His paternal role and nature. There are times in life, though, when a dad just won't do; when we need the comfort and assurances that only a mother can give. It's in those moments that I'm glad the Bible offers a few clues as to the maternal nature of God as well.

There are times, even as a grown woman, and mother myself, that I need my mom. Days when I wish I could crawl up into someone's lap and have a good cry. Times when, even as a mom, I need comforting. We may grow up and move away from our mothers, but I don't think we ever outgrow needing that nurturing touch.

This year, I've needed more comforting than I can remember needing for many years. Maybe it's because I've moved thousands of miles from my mom. Maybe it's the pandemic or the stresses of cross-cultural life. Today I'm reminded that I have a Comforter that made the journey with me.

Isaiah 66:13

"As a mother comforts her child,

so will I comfort you...”

God has a soft side. He sees and knows our heartaches, our disappointments. He not only knows, but He cares. He not only cares, but He wants to intervene and comfort us in those heavy moments of our lives. Will we allow Him to be our comforter? Will we crawl up into His lap and pour out our secret sadness? Will we lean our heads on His chest and listen to His heartbeat as He sings over our broken hearts?

Over and over again, the scriptures show that God's heart is for connection; His goal is intimacy with us. Maybe that's a new or strange concept to you, but will you give it a try? Take a few moments right now to imagine yourself as a child accepting a mother's comfort and see how that interaction with God ministers to your heart today.

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1 Comment

Oct 26, 2021

Abba, we need You, every attribute of You.

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