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Don't just isolate- consecrate!

The world has been turned on its head in the past week. Once hypothetical scenarios of closed borders, pandemics and global chaos are suddenly very real and affecting the lives of millions. Plans are being changed, normal routines are being questioned and, ultimately, thrown out. There are no easy answers or silver bullets. There is a global sense of uncertainty and even impending doom.

Here in Belize we have, thus far, been relatively untouched by Covid 19. There are, so far, no confirmed cases. With such a low population (less than 400,000) in the country, limiting large crowds of people isn't too hard. For those in the village, social distancing is a cinch. But with a limited and undeveloped medical system, and low access to clean water and sanitation, Belizeans are very much concerned for its spread if Covid were ever to breach our boundaries. Add to that Belize's dependence on tourism and imports; the situation is serious.

There's something that happens to us spiritually when faced with uncertainty, sickness or even death. The spread of fear, greed and panic can be just as debilitating to a society as an outbreak. These spirits will attack and dismantle our emotions if given access to them. So what do we do?

Over the weekend, Eddie felt God was telling him to "consecrate himself." Consecration means "association with the sacred;" to set oneself apart, for God. I find the part of setting oneself apart to be fitting in a time of social distancing and quarantine. This distancing is more than personal isolation; its drawing away from in order to draw near to God.

James 4:8 says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

As we create new norms, I invite you to investigate what consecration might look like in your own life. Maybe it's taking time to meditate on, or memorize scripture. Maybe it's availing yourself to serve your neighbors, the poor or disenfranchised. Maybe it's spending time outdoors with a heart of gratitude for God's creation. How many of us have said we'd do more of these things if we just had time. Now's the time and despite how it feels, it's a gift. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

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