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This global situation with Covid 19 has the world reeling. I can sense my brain trying to make sense of things; trying to put my current reality into a category that I recognize. Maybe you're experiencing the same.

On TV and social media, there are scores of platitudes and heartfelt "silver-lining" memes circulating. There are sceptics, critics and denyers. There are environmentalists saying the earth is pushing back from all that humanity has done to damage it. There are religious pundits saying God is using Covid 19 to push this agenda or that. It all makes for a confusing and alarming time to be alive.

Weeks ago, as Eddie was praying about the life and ministry we will eventually build here, he saw a picture of a 3D puzzle. He sensed God telling him that while we are making plans and strategies on a 2-dimensional plane, God's perspective was completely different.

Remembering this picture has helped me in the past 24 hours to give myself a break. My brain still kicks into problem-solving mode and tries to make sense of what is senseless. When it does, I remind myself that my perspective is limited, that there's no possible way I can solve the puzzle on my own.

Isaiah 55:9 says, "For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

Sure, there are lessons we humans can learn from this disaster. Lessons about how to connect, how to prepare, how to take care of ourselves and our community. The action of reducing a global catastrophe to pat answers and soundbites is not helpful to our collective psyches. In my opinion, it's more productive to meditate on how big God is and how much we need His peace in these times. We can't individually control Covid 19, but we can learn and practice being at peace in the storm.

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